You have to invade earth and destroy humanity with your robot army... well to be precise you have 3 robots, which you can't loose. To make matters worse humans did a terrible job making batteries, that's why your army has an autonomy of ~ 10 seconds.


Main Power Supply: Regenerates energy quickly
Rope: Allows the player to switch floors. Building cost: 1/4 of player's max power
Dispenser: A smaller power supply which can be built by the player. Building cost: 1/2 of player's max power
Tesla Coil: Uses it's power to load all machines in range (the yellow area), you need to refill it manually. Building cost: 1/3 of player's max power
Barracks: Spawns enemy soldiers


Arrow Keys/WASD: Move
Numpad+/E: Use your energy to load nearby machines
Numpad-/Q: Draw power to load yourself
Hold 1/2/3: Place a Rope/Dispenser/Tesla Coil
R: Restart Level

If you run out of power, you can't do anything for the rest of the game!

Finishing the level with all 3 fighter robots standing is the goal.

Bug Fix 1 (31/07): Player can't drain more energy than he can hold, tesla coil only loads fighting robots, shots can't randomly ignore shields.

Players can change controls in input settings.


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